Public Collections
Inclination Jar      Sake Vessel
Bizen Caddy      Teabowl
Bizen Water container      Bizen Vase
Talking about all kinds of things beside the kiln
Yakimono / Anjin Abe
Store up in the Metropolitan Museum of Art / Anjin Abe
A Clear Stream: The Art of Abe Anjin / Naoki Degawa
Review of the Toyo-Anjin Bizen Exhibition / Naoki Degawa
The Ceramic Art of Anjin ABE / Yoshiaki Inui
Anjin Abe: Reason and Romanticism / Hiroshi Sasayama
Concepts of Form and Firing in Anjin Abe's Bizen Ware / Mitsuru Kadowaki
Doing Good Work / Seinosuke Nakajima

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